Garlic Geek Speaks: 52,000 Cloves!

Hello Farm Folk,

It takes a community to plant a garlic crop.  Starting on Thanksgiving weekend, it took us 6 days to plant and mulch 52,000 cloves, and 23 varieties, of garlic! But the teamwork began long before we put the first clove in the ground.  So, THANK YOU to the entire Global Garlic Project community!  Thank you to the straw grower and the compost providers (the farmers & animals who create the compost!)  Thank you to the garlic splitters, who broke 7500+ garlic bulbs into 52,000 cloves.  Thank you to the composters, who scooped thousands upon thousands of shovels full of compost into wheelbarrows, and wheeled countless loads into the field.  Thank you to my farm colleague, who tilled all my beds, and moved the straw in preparation for the planting. And thank you to the 50+ people who came over 6 days to help us plant and mulch 52,000 cloves of garlic.  The Global Garlic Project truly is a community effort, and I am grateful to all of you for your vital contribution.

It takes a Crazy Garlic Farmer to plant 52,000 cloves of garlic.  Knowing how much work it was to weed, scape, harvest, cure, chop & sort, clean &  label, and distribute 46,000 bulbs this year…I must be crazy to do more!  Or, simply in love.  In love with the growing process.  In love with the people who participate in the Global Garlic Project. In love with promoting seed diversity.  In love with our garlic varieties, their medicinal impact, and their unique flavours.  In love with the gardeners and farmers we’ve supported on their garlic growing journey.  And in love with all of you, who send words of encouragement, come out to volunteer, purchase our garlic, and find your own way to participate in the cultivation of a healthy food system.  Thank you for another year of amazing teamwork!

Until next time, Keep Livin’ on the Veg!


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