Garlic Geek Speaks: My Love/Hate Relationship with Rose de Lautrec Garlic



Hello Farm Folk,

I first started hearing about Rose de Lautrec garlic in 2011. Originating in Lautrec, France, this garlic variety was supposed to be the most beautiful garlic around. “What nonsense”, I thought. “Nothing can compete with the elegant beauty of Persian garlic.” And as if it is as beautiful as Salt Spring Island garlic!” Everyone in the garlic growing community was talking about Rose de Lautrec, and I wanted nothing to do with it. And then I attended the first ever Toronto Garlic Festival that summer.  I was perusing the vendors for new garlic varieties. That is when I saw it for the first time. Rose de Lautrec garlic.I didn’t think I was the type to care so much about appearances, but I had to catch my breath when I first saw Rose de Lautrec. Rose. Rosie. I hate to admit it…it was love at first sight. This variety is very hard to find, so I literally bought every last Rose de Lautrec bulb at the festival (perhaps 30 bulbs in total.)

It’s six years later, and we harvested 3550 bulbs of Rose de Lautrec this summer. I have overcome my initial resistance to the wonder that is Rose de Lautrec. The beauty of its stunning pink cloves is complimented by its delightful flavour. If, like me, you are a garlic growing geek, this is a variety you definitely want to add to your collection. Right now, for a brief period, I am making Rose de Lautrec seed garlic available at a major discount. I want to see this remarkable variety cultivated by more and more growers. For more info on our Rose de Lautrec seed garlic special, contact me at

If you are interested in learning to grow your own garlic, here are some basic garlic growing instructions.  We still have 14 garlic varieties available for planting and/or eating.  You can place a garlic order now.

If you need any help planning for your October garlic planting, feel free to get in touch with me at with your garlic questions.

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P.S. Rose de Lautrec garlic below.