Garlic Geek Speaks: Why I love Northern Quebec Garlic


Hello Farm Folk,

I’ve always been fascinated by the math of growing garlic.  TRIVIA: If you started with 1 bulb of Persian garlic to plant, how many bulbs could you have after 6 years?  ANSWER: Lets say that each bulb of garlic has 7 cloves on average.  So, at garlic planting time, you plant those 7 cloves, and 9 months later, you have 7 bulbs.  You then separate those 7 bulbs into cloves, leaving you with 49 cloves, which you plant.  At the end of the second season you have 49 Persian bulbs.  You continue to repeat this process, so at the end of year 3 you have 343 bulbs.  At the 4th harvest, you have 2401 bulbs. After the fifth harvest, you have 16,807 bulbs.  And after 6 years? 117,649 bulbs! In 6 growing seasons, you took 1 bulb of Persian garlic, and turned it into over 115,000 bulbs!  And if you started with 1 bulb of Sicilian garlic, which averages 10 cloves per bulbs? After 6 years, you’d have 1 million bulbs!

In 2012, my brother-in-law Dave Segal gave me 1 bulb of Northern Quebec garlic. Of the 23 varieties that we grow, it is the only one in which we started with a single bulb. Northern Quebec is part of the Porcelain garlic strain, has a deep, rich taste, and averages 4 cloves per bulb.  LARGE cloves.  Northern Quebec garlic is loved by gardeners and farmers because these large cloves result in large bulbs, and every grower loves to produce nice sized bulbs.  Northern Quebec garlic is loved by cooks because large cloves=less peeling! And Northern Quebec garlic is loved by eaters because the flavour is so damn tasty! Well, in 2012, I took that bulb that Dave gave me, separated it into its 4 cloves and planted them.  5 years later, I have 1000+ bulbs of Northern Quebec garlic, and it is finally available to you!

Interested in trying some? We are offering 1 free bulb of Northern Quebec Garlic to anyone who will come to the farm to pick it up, so that you too can grow your own quickly multiplying garlic crop.  Or, you can always place a garlic order for some Northern Quebec garlic, or any of our other 13 garlic varieties currently available.

Our best-ever garlic crop is currently curing in the barn.  Soon, we will clean and label the bulbs. Once cleaned, we look forward to sharing our garlic crop with you.  Until then, Keep Livin’ on the Veg!


P.S. If you need guidance in choosing the garlic varieties that are just right for you, please get in touch and we can talk about it,