Our Garlic Varieties

Variety Neck Storability Cloves/Bulb Flavour/Strength Comments
Organic Argentinean Soft Very Good 5-7 Medium Very attractive, hard-to-find, heirloom variety Coming in 2020
Organic Charlie’s Sicilian Hard Very Good 3-6 Medium Big bulbs, fun to grow Coming in 2020
Organic Chinese Hard Excellent 7-10 Hot Not to be confused with garlic grown in China and imported BUY NOW
Organic Cuban Hard Excellent 8-10 Rich taste, great raw Visually STUNNING, and a flavour to match BUY NOW
Organic Czech Soft Excellent 10-14 Sweet and mild when cooked Very hot when eaten raw Coming in 2021
Organic Former Yugoslavia Hard Excellent 6-10 Medium, sweet Naturally sweet flavour BUY NOW
Organic French
(Rose de Lautrec)
Hard Excellent 7-10 Sweet and subtle Stunning pink cloves BUY NOW
Organic Guatemalan Soft Very Good 8-12 Strong and rich Great for roasting Coming in 2021
Organic Israeli Hard Excellent 7-10 Spicy, great flavour Very uniform cloves BUY NOW
Organic Italian Hard Excellent 7-10 Mild, very flavourful Vibrant flavour BUY NOW
Organic Japanese Hard Very Good 5-7 Sweet and spicy Ready to harvest early Coming in 2023
Organic Korean Hard Excellent 7-10 Medium Long fat cloves. Hits the roof of the mouth BUY NOW
OrganicĀ  Northern Quebec Hard Very Good 3-6 Rich, deep, and musky Very large cloves BUY NOW
Organic Persian Hard Outstanding 7-10 Spicy Each pointed clove has red stripes BUY NOW
Organic Polish Hard Very good 3-6 Hot, rich Grows well in both cold and warmer climates BUY NOW
Organic Romanian Hard Very good 3-6 Rich, robust, with lingering aftertaste Very hardy plants that produce large scapes BUY NOW
Organic Russian Hard Very good 3-6 Mild and full Large cloves = less peeling BUY NOW
Organic Salt Spring Hard Excellent 6-9 Medium, rich Well loved by growers and eaters BUY NOW
Organic Siberian Hard Excellent 6-9 Medium heat with delicious aftertaste Large cloves with gorgeous purple stripes BUY NOW
Organic Sicilian Soft Outstanding 10-14 Mild Most cloves per bulb make it a great choice for growers BUY NOW
Organic Tibetan Hard Excellent 8-12 Hot & Fiery Our most spiritually evolved garlic variety BUY NOW
Organic Transylvanian Soft Excellent 10-14 Hot, sharp Ready to harvest early Coming in 2021
Organic Ukrainian Hard Excellent 7-10 Hot For the spicy food lovers BUY NOW