Speaking Engagements

Interested in bringing in Farmer Daniel Hoffmann to speak at your event? Daniel can educate and inspire around the following topics:

Organic Farming basics

An introduction to the fundamentals of organic vegetable farming. Learn about the core concepts of growing organically, and ask Farmer Daniel all your questions!

The inside scoop of being an Organic Farmer

Organic Farming can be a great lifestyle and career. It can also be filled with huge headaches, heartache, body-ache, and financial ruin. Get the inside scoop on the life of an organic farmer from Farmer Daniel.

Change the World (and your life!) through Food

Interested in enriching your quality of life and the world at the same time? Food is the perfect vehicle! Farmer Daniel will help you to learn how to take small steps to make a big difference in your life, and the community.


If you have a specific topic you’d like Farmer Daniel to address, please be in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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